Episode 62: Green Lantern Emerald Knights

Laira - The resident hottie of the Green Lantern Corp.

As long as I'm on this show, you can always count on me to highlight the girl in the leotard.

The best comes to those who wait. Our expanded edition of the Emerald Knights review once again features Mike “TFG1” Blanchard of the Geekcast Radio Network. In this exciting episode, we cover another set of DC animated stories compiled into a film. However, unlike Gotham Knight, which was a disjointed mess of barely-connected stories, this one actually comes together at the end in a satisfying way. The stories were hit-or-miss, but there is enjoyable stuff here, particularly Laira (and no, I don’t just mean her costume).

Expanded content in this episode includes our standard cold opening, plus a whole middle section that you’ll not hear in the Tooncast Beyond version of this show. Additionally, we have short conversation with 1UP‘s Bob Mackey plus a tease for next week’s show. Be sure to check out Bob’s podcast, Retronauts.

Topics Covered:
Laira’s hot
Arisia is jailbait
Kilowog is a poozer
Mogo vs. Unicron – Who wins???
Batman and the Golden Lagoon

Batman hangs at Autobot Headquarters

Green Lantern's greatest weakness: That yellow metal that Autobots always use.

4 thoughts on “Episode 62: Green Lantern Emerald Knights

  1. Yup, the main story was very mediocre, the only person that showed a little bit of fear or urgency was Arisia. Everyone else was like, just another day in the galaxy haha, but yeah Mogo was the best. When I heard that one guy mention his name I got all excited. I didn’t lose much money on this purhase, I feel content.

    Quite excited to hear about year 1, I got that for Christmas, not a big fan of Bruce Wayne’s voice, his batman was ok. I liked this version of Commissioner Gordon, well anyway I’ll save the rest when this one comes out.

  2. Great show as usual guys, this movie was nowhere near the worst of the dc animated movies I think it stands somewhere in the middle and I would have liked to see them use some vastly different animation styles when telling the side story’s so it would stand out more from the main plot.

    On another note I can’t say I would agree with you on the Jeff Matsuda matter I for one am a fan of his comic and game artwork .

  3. I pretty much agreed with everything you had to say about Emerald Knights. When I was still reading comics I was enjoying the Green Lantern Corps books, getting to kno the other Corp members and exploring how big it is, so you would think Emerald Knights would be of interest to me. Wrong! It was so lackluster. The Mogo story was good, but I agree with you about Kilowog’s story totaling diminishing his character. And the story based on the episode art had a good fight scene, but that was all I cared about. It did seem lengthy and in the end the fight scene was lackluster. I actually hope they stop adapting comic book stories and just do more original work with the characters.

  4. I only had 1 major factual error and that is Kilowog really did get the term poozer from Lantern Ermey in Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3. This kilowog story was not unique to this movie and to disagree with another one of your points about how is this diminishies the value of the character. It adds more of a insight and depth to the character who always been a very stereo typical hard edge drill sergeant type. I hope that you’re other analytical reviews are not subjected to such glaring factual inaccuracies. Please at least fact check prior to recording. Thank you.

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