Episode 60: All-Star Superman

All-Star Superman

"Can you read my mind...?"

Here we go! It’s All-Star Superman, boys and girls! We’re back with Mike Blanchard of Tooncast Beyond. This is not a movie for people who want a straight action film. This is a character film, and it’s quite possibly one of the best ever written. …even if Blanchard wants to poo-poo the gloriousness of this film.

Over 45 minutes of extras over the Tooncast version. You have our standard pre-show, a short interlude about Vampires Suck, and a post-show conversation between Ben and me about future episodes, filled with hilarious off-the-cuff remarks.

Best. Lois. EVER!
Tom Welling… VOICE ACTOR?!?!
Grant Morrison GETS Superman!
Superman sets his controls for the heart of the sun.
Did we mention that Lois was smokin’ hot in this film?

Atlas and Samson

Atlas and Samson - One of many storyline deviations that really don't progress the plot at all. The meaning of this contest? It's over Lois, of course!

Best.  Lois.  EVER.

Super Lois. Is there a better argument in favor of this film? (Well, yes...but I'm being a pig.)

Bonus Content Topics:
Anime Flex
Carlton Banks is the greatest African-American character in the history of television
Jeff Matsuta can’t draw fingers
Jackie Chan Adventures
Apologizing for Scrappy
Lando is not two-faced
The Crapman – Call it the right name!
A preview of our Cartoons Based On Video Games episode
We discuss our upcoming Shonen Jump spotlight
“I’m stronger than you by the beat of a bumblebee’s wing!”

7 thoughts on “Episode 60: All-Star Superman

  1. Funny story with that anniversary ep. I was having quite a crappy holiday retreat with the company I work with. We went to Stone Mountain’s (Georgia) version of a christmas village. All awful by the way, except for the guy who was making glass angels and the hot chocolate. Anyway, it was super cold, crowded and full of rude people, all my family wanted to do was get back on the bus, so we found the driver and waited inside until it was time to leave. On our way back I get the invite from Neil, and in my miserable mood I was comtemplating if this was real or some guy pulling my leg since I do leave my e-mail here. If it wasn’t for Ben confirming the
    e-mail I would have missed it haha.

    Funny stuff leaving in the Mike cut comments, I always wondered about that lol

  2. Oh wow, you’ll do One Piece the good the bad and the very bad ahahah. I love it, funimation did a better job, but the 4kids one introduced me to it, and I followed up from there. I’ll never forgive them for the “lollypop” come on now, no ones that stupid. Couldn’t wait to see how they dealt with the deaths in this show, and was thinking “Oh there’s no way they can cover it up, there’s no next dimesion here” quite the opposite, it never happend. It was all left to your imagination as to how they disappeared.

    Back to the good stuff Oda Eichiro is a great guy and one thing I liked about his manga covers is that they all are different colored compared to the standard white or black which gave a kind of uniqueness to em, not to mention he cant help but make sexy ladies.

    Then theres the whole race color change thing with 4kids, that made no since. I always hated the personification of black guys in anime but you dont have to hide it rofl

    Ben, you have good taste, Yu Yu and Rurouni Kenshin were definitly good ones from start to finish. Oh and plz dont do Death Note, it was interesting to read but I never thought it would be an anime. Never thought I’d see a more expressioned way of writing in a book in my life.

  3. Hi. I listened to your version of All-Star Superman for the ‘extras.’ And I appreciate the honorable mention. 🙂 Speaking of the extras, I enjoyed your bashing of The Crapman (aka The Batman, for those who don’t know). I never watched it because I knew it would be a turd. If they ever bring The Batman Vs. Dracula back to Netflix instant I may watch it just to see what it is like for myself.

    So All-Star Superman…haven’t seen it. Luckily you guys didn’t spoil it, so when I do watch it I can go into it fresh. I haven’t read the comic, but I am familiar with it. I skipped it because the creative team didn’t appeal to me at the time, but I have since come to appreciate Frank and Grant’s work, so I may give it a shot at some point. I enjoyed their work immensely on Batman and Robin…for a while anyway. Frank Quitely is just an incredible artist. His characters can be “ugly”, but he is a master craftsman who does a great job with expressions, body language, sequential storytelling, action, pacing…it’s all there. The comic is one of the most admired Superman stories of the current era and an unquestionable favorite of many others. Maybe some day I will read it. But in the meantime I look forward to seeing the animated movie very soon. It’s in my queue and I will get to it shortly.

    • Thanks for giving our version a spin. I know putting these eps on Friday gives Mike a huge lead, but I figure anyone who really enjoys the longer versions will come do so.

      I actually do enjoy making these podcasts worth the extra listen. Having an official version on GCRN means that I can mess around with the format a bit. This whole run, I was basically treating the program as though it was a “live show,” and you, the audience, got to experience what went on when we were “off-air”.

      We have only two more episodes like this, and then the crossover will be off for a month. You’re definitely going to want to come back for our version of Emerald Knights to listen to what Ben put Mike and I through while we were at commercial break.

  4. Great show guys I taught this DC animated movie was one of the stronger in the series
    up there with New Frontier in my opinion and Frank Quitely’s style was translated very well to animation and it had one of the best Luthor since Clancy Brown in the animated series ,a great movie all round.

  5. I might be stoned for saying this, but I didn’t really like this movie even with the kinder, gentler, cuddlier Superman. It’s worth watching it, but I don’t want to buy it. I’m a collector so I know I’ll eventually get it, but it’ll be like 5 years from now when it’s 3.99 at MovieStop.

    I’m not a big Superman fan to begin with, but I’m familiar enough with the comic to appreciate/respect its and I thought my respect would transfer to this movie. It didn’t.

    Technically — voice acting, production quality, animation — the movie is sound.

    The story felt like a patchwork quilt. I get what they were trying to do but, to me, it didn’t feel like it worked. The individual stories felt so independent of everything else that it was jarring when one Super story moved to the next. There had to have been a more subtle way to introduce the “two dudes want Lois” and “Superman saves his evil Super cousins” parts (>_>). I just didn’t feel the love.

    The Batman. It got… “better” as it went on. By better, I mean in the way that arsenic is better than cyanide. I hated The Batman. HATED the character designs. Hated what the characters were reduced to. HATED the theme song(s). Hated the fact that this show had more than 4 episodes when good shows like JLU was cancelled. There is no justice in the universe T_T Batman vs. Dracula?! <– The Queen Anne of WTF. I can't… I just… *weeps*

  6. Got to see the movie. It´s greatly animated and acted, but the story adaptation IS hard to work with.

    Being a series adapted into ONE movie, it does feel a bit disjointed. It´s like “yeah, I´m gonna go do something important elsewhere…” “Oh, hi, I´m back, I had a kickass adventure…” and “Oh, I´m dead…” then “Oh, I´m back…”

    There´s too much happening off screen that is developed in the comics that here it feels one is missing the big picture and that it never pays off (Leo with the swords, anyone?).

    Still, I do like the story and the character development. I´d just stick to the main story (which is what they tried to do) and don`t have them mention stuff like Kandor.

    Sexiest Lois ever. And I always dig the human caring Supes.

    Enjoyable movie, but (sadly) not perfect .


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