Episode 57: The 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular!

Celebrating One Year!

Celebrating One Year!

Yes, it’s our one year anniversary. Hard to believe we’ve been doing this nonsense for an entire year now. Joining us this week is Aisaku along with Ronnie Harris. We go over some of our best shows and talk about funny moments as well as episodes that didn’t survive.

Come along for two hours of fun. We laugh. We cry. We insult Marvel animation. It’s great.

6 thoughts on “Episode 57: The 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular!

  1. It was fun talking with you guys. I talk with friends for hours on comic books and various other subjects and I bet they’ll love listening in on these podcasts.
    I’ll remember to send them here whenever we meet up again.
    Also, I never answered that last question you gave me, but I was going to say, “What made you guys get into webcomics before all this?” Webcomics were the driving force for me with drawing and I actually tried to make my own comic, but do to unfortunate circumstances, a good chunk of it was lost.
    Anyway, here’s to a new year of Animation Aficionados!

  2. Hey guys great show just got a chance to listen to this and the movie your talking about in the second half was Brendan and the secret of Kells its a movie set in medieval Ireland about the Book of Kells an ancient Irish manuscript the incoming Viking invaders . The movie was produced and made by an animation company here in Ireland called Cartoon Saloon but parts of the it were outsourced to one or two other European studios. A great movie and worth watching if you get a chance although it did not see financial success as you said it did get some critical success and was even nominated for the best animated movie Oscar of that year many thanks to your guest for bringing it up 🙂

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