Episode 55: A Crisis On Two Earths

Just bring it.

Get away from her, you bitch!

Tonight, we continue with our crisis of two podcasts! Tooncast Beyond and Animation Aficionados sit down together and talk about perhaps the best DC movie yet, A Crisis On Two Earths. Featured on this episode are TFG1 Mike and Steve “Megatron”.

In a story originally meant for the DCAU, the Justice League meet their match. Literally! A heroic version of Lex Luthor leads them to a world in which the super powers, dubbed the Crime Syndicate, are evil. What follows is an exciting, non-stop rollercoaster of an action movie. We highly approve of this one, and we think you will, too.

Minor spoilers in this episode. The bad guys lose. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Show Topics:
Martian Manhunter’s costume sucks
A crisis of infinite turtles
Mind sex
Super Woman’s costume is awesome

Bonus Show Topics:
Rankin Bass cartoons
Rerun killed Peanuts
There’s no business like snow business

The Crime Syndicate

I'll take number 3.

2 thoughts on “Episode 55: A Crisis On Two Earths

  1. This was an awesome movie. Easily one of the best in the DCAU. I will forever hate Owl Man for trying to destroy us all. What an evil piece of rotten scum. Even Lex never tried to take it that far. I would argue that Batman played a part in Johnny Quick’s death. Though he doesn’t use guns, he still killed the guy in a way. I guess it is acceptable casualty if he is a villain.

    • I’m not going to lose sleep over Batman’s actions. The circumstances were dire, and it was the only shot they had.

      By the way, did we totally forget to point out that Johnny Quick’s death is vaguely similar to Barry Allen’s death in Crisis On Infinite Earths? Shame on us.

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