Episode 54: Christmas Cartoons

The Grinch

Karloff. Not Carrey.

We are once again joined by Kittyhawk and Tom Revor to talk about Christmas cartoons! What else? We bring up as many Christmas cartoons as we could think of. Some revered. Some reviled. Some barely even remembered. And of course, we talk about the king of the holiday special: RANKIN BASS.

So stoke up the fire, roast some chestnuts, and put some marshmallows in your hot cocoa. It’s time to talk about some animated holiday classics! BOW DOWN! BOWN DOWN! BEFORE THE POWER OF SANTA!!

Kittyhawk is dreaming of a white Saturn
Commercialism in Christmas
What’s REALLY in Underdog’s energy pill?!
The true meaning of this pagan holiday we call Christmas

Oops! We forgot to talk about:
The Johnny Bravo Christmas Special
The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas
The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman
The He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special (although, we mentioned it!)

Frosty The Snowman

There are no good Frosty cartoons past 1969.

Invader Zim


Kiss Saves Santa

If only this was real

One thought on “Episode 54: Christmas Cartoons

  1. The worst animated Christmas Special of all time was “Noel”. The story of a glass Christmas ball that lives his life one tree at a time, until it eventually breaks and dies.

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