Episode 53: Superman/Batman – Public Enemas

The Impossible Kick

The Impossible Kick

This week on Animation Aficionados, you can believe a man can polish shit. Superman/Batman: Public Enemas is on the chopping block today. The crossover with Tooncast Beyond continues, and by god, Mike brought a friend, Steve “Megatron”. The Tooncast folks sort of disagree with me on this movie, but I think it’s important to know what the (crappy) source material is just to marvel at how much Timm changed to make a cohesive story out of it. Like sewing together a bunch of old carpet squares to make a prom dress. Admirable effort, but it’s still made from it’s source material.

Topics Discussed
NOT being Faithful to the Source Material
Ed McGuiness sucks
Jeff Loeb Sucks
Dropkick into a Mountain? Srsly?
Captain Atom reflects on him not being invited
Superman builds Robot Sex Dolls

5 thoughts on “Episode 53: Superman/Batman – Public Enemas

  1. Ho man Mike and Ben, “Turd Polisher” oh I’m dying, that picture is priceless. I gotta hand it to you when you dont like something you dont hold back one bit, that’s why I like you guys though. That Megatron voice with Steve was impressive. What’s going on with all these voices hehe.
    Crisis on Two Earth’s will be interesting to listen to, I like that line that Batman said to Owl man at the end.

  2. I felt the animation design was rather homoerotic. The attention to detail with men was above and beyond with crazy muscle structure while power girl and Amanda Waller drawn poorly and disturbing.

  3. Megatron is the founder of the Decepticon uprising and their most feared leader. Bob Budiansky, the writer for the Marvel Comics series, stated that originally Hasbro took issue with the name, saying it sounded too frightening. Budiansky responded that as the lead villain, that was the point. Hasbro later agreed with his reasoning, and approved the name “Megatron”.*-….

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