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Trouble in the balcony!

Trouble in the balcony!

Hi-ho! It’s Christmas time, and we’re doing something special. We’re doing The Muppets! What do Muppets have to do with animation? Well, they’re puppets… and that’s kind of a form of animation. …sorta.

Anyhoo, we’re joined this week by Stephanie O’Donnell and Don McLeod. For nearly two hours, we run through the entire history of the Muppets from Sam & Friends to Muppets In Space. We dig up some obscure Muppets you may not have even heard of. We talk about the Muppeteers, too.

This episode is dedicated to Jim Henson and Richard Hunt, two geniuses who left us too soon.

Show Topics:
Sesame Street presents The Seven Deadly Sins
Why did Gonzo cross the road?
Is Oscar homeless?
Scary Muppets
Stephanie is a stan
Tiny Fuppets and Meet The Feebles
Fonzie jumps a voodoo shark while the corpse of Bernie dances a jig
Jason Seagal gives kermit a pearl necklace
…and Little Muppet Monsters TOO!

Jim &  The Turtles

Bet you forgot he was involved in that movie!

Just another day on the job for Rich

Just another day on the job for Rich

Oopsie… Almost forgot! Here’s that Smokey Robinson vid!

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