Episode 52: Green Lantern – First Flight

The REAL Green Lantern movie

Green ring do your thing!

How is it that a movie that is literally half the length of the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern can pack a more cohesive story? Well, you take out all the boring stuff, for one thing. Next, you severely truncate the origin story down to only a few minutes so that it doesn’t drag the story down. Then you completely ignore that Paralax ever existed and tell a story that people actually care about.

My goodness. Even though I probably would have preferred a story that took place on Earth and left the Green Lantern Corp. to the wayside, I cannot deny that this was one hell of a movie. I was impressed that the passing of the ring to Hal Jordan was only the beginning of the story and didn’t encompass and overpower the story. The characters were great. Even though we knew who the bad guy is, there were surprises to be had, anyway. This is a very spoileriffic review, which is why I’m getting my impressions out of the way right now. You might want to see the movie first.

And, of course, joining us again this week is TFG1 Mike for our continuing crossover with Tooncast Beyond. The episode wraps up before the 40-minute mark, but dread not, dear listeners! We have another 30 minutes worth of nonsense in our post-show.

Show Topics:
Bruce Timm: Straight-to-video gold
Ryan Reynolds: Box office lead
Chi’p: Is he the one in the wheelchair?
“You wanna fly, Bobby?”

Bonus Content Topics:
Lineman Diags
Biggest box office bombs
YouTube and iTunes trolls
Kunio, Renegade, Double Dragon, and River City Ransom
Dipping your breakfast sausages into the syrup

Mrs. Butterworth and Banquet Brown 'N' Serve breakfast sausages

The greatest flavors brought together since Mr. Reese got chocolate in his peanut butter!

2 thoughts on “Episode 52: Green Lantern – First Flight

  1. Finally saw this today, truely fantastic. Though it took some getting used to with a new Kilowog voice, he did good. Also got Emerald Knights, slightly surprised that it wasn’t a continuation, it was mostly a bunch of mini stories, but those stories were good enough for me to like too. This movie though, well done WB.

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