Episode 49: Batman Gotham Knight

Batman - Gotham Knight

How do you screw THIS up?!

We continue our crossover series with Tooncast Beyond, talking about the DC animated original movies. This time it’s a coiler known as Batman: Gotham Knight. Incorrectly labeled as a bridge between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the only stories this film seems intent on bridging are its own.

And that’s the weird part, folks, because beside the chronological link between each story, they have almost nothing to do with one another. Oh, but don’t let this blog entry spoil everything. You’ll need to listen to the show to listen to us really rip this POS apart.

-Batman vs Duke Togo would break the universe
-OMG! KAWAII BISHOUNEN BRUCE WAYNE! (I wanna throw up after typing that)
-Anthology movies usually have an over-arcing plot. USUALLY!
-Neil adds a rating to the IGN Replacement Crew scoring system
-Mike gets up to answer the door.

As usual, our show is expanded, with hilarious pre- and post-show banter. Technical difficulties happen. We discuss sound elements. A toilet is flushed. Stuff you’re only going to hear on our show. And Married… With Children.

There is also special “bonus track” featuring audio from our first attempt at the video games episode. Lots of off-topic discussion kept the show from being released, but the best banter has been spared, with topics that were not covered in our released version!

Bonus content topics:
-An expanded discussion of Mario’s lore
-The two Sonics
-Kittyhawk’s Franken-Saturn
-Game manual artists
-Everyone’s dead in Lavender Town
-The Sakura Wars theme… My GOD! The Sakura Wars theme!!!!

4 thoughts on “Episode 49: Batman Gotham Knight

  1. I could not disagree with you more about Gotham Knights. Granted, it was a mistake advertising as a bridge between the Nolan movies, but I don’t count marketing problems ans strikes against any movie. It’s not a fair criticism, as marketing is often handled by different teams and the creators have no control over such things.

    I didn’t like the movie at first either, but after a few viewings, I started to see very vague connections between the stories. I loved watching the animation, the designs and Kevin Conroy’s performances. I like to see it as 6 individual movies with lines connecting them, and the puzzle is finding all the connections. Overall, I liked this better than New Frontier.

    • It was more than just ‘the marketing’. This was created with the intent in mind to bridge. This wasn’t 6 Batman shorts later repackaged; this was the studio telling 6 teams to make 6 stories to fit between ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘Dark Knight’. On THAT value; the actual intent of the writers, this fails.

      As for the stories themselves; as I said on the show, none of them did anything with the properties that hasn’t been done before.

    • I caught the vague connections between the six stories on my first and only viewing, as I was the one to point them out. I don’t think I even brought up the Nolan films, and if I did, I certainly had the least to say about it out of the three of us. Personally, I don’t even give a crap about how it connects to the Nolan films. I trashed it because the movie was directionless, pretentious, and boring. New Frontier had its short-comings, but I would still MUCH rather watch that than this.

      Look, I would have given the movie credit if I thought each of the stories were interesting. That would have been forgivable in light of the vague connections between them. As it is, there was only one story worth sitting through, and it was the one at the end. But even then, it just seems like a really well-animated episode of Batman TAS. This is not what I look for when I want to watch a feature.

      Whenever I think of an anthology movie done well, I usually think of Pulp Fiction. It had three stories that all connected together, but at the same time, they could all be told individually and independently from one another. Some of the segments in Gotham Knight were barely stories. And if they’re not good stories, then I don’t care how they connect. It’s not fun to connect things that aren’t interesting.

  2. Aw man, you guys bummed me out with the talk of the old games. Manuals now a days are just a piece of paper folded in half or deceivingly big with half being spanish. I guess it’s just a change of the times. Not enough content and too much DLC. Oh and passed on gotham knight, way to much thumb downs for that compared to other batman movie. The Deadshot one sounded interesting though.

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