Black Friday Special: Video Games!

My goodness, look at all that CRAP!
Yep, it’s filler episode time, boys and girls! We’re here with our Black Friday special, and it’s only a day late! Kittyhawk sits down with Ben and I to talk about some vidji games. But WAIT! We are not alone on this intrepid journey, because joining us tonight is none other than Mike “The Birdman/Captain Awesome” Dodd of This Week In Geek! Pop some Nodoze, folks. This is gonna be a long one. Yes, we love video games so much that we allowed the show to go EPIC-LENGTH!!!

This episode is about:
Let’s play some Mary-Oh, eh?
Only 40 hours until it starts getting good!
Tales from the Game Stop
Dick games
Sega fanboys
Neil doesn’t like Rare.
Our favorite chip tune themes
Neil responds to Chris Bores
Saturn is the greatest system ever, and you suck if you think otherwise
The guy who took Kittyhawk’s copy of Final Fantasy III is rightchere
Don’t like the CDi Zeldas? Well exCUUUUUSE ME, Princess!

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Special: Video Games!

  1. Oh boy, I’m so happy to see you guys doing a filler for games. I remember the first game I played. I have no idea what system it was or what the game was called, because I was 2 and my folks memories were elsewhere. All I know was, it had a guy going up ladders and killing monsters that were smiling, which also killed you if they were frowning. Your goal was to get to the top as fast as possible or you would die from the time limit. The best part of the game was sliding down the ladders which made this really sweet sound. My parents say the game’s name may have been called Bouncin Bouncy, but I cant find it or the system it belonged to, which I fried from over use. Ah man, if I could ever find that game. Anyway, I did keep the monitor that came with it and used it for SNES, 64, and Gamecube all the way up to 2005, then I retired it. I digress, I’d like to shout out to Gunstar Heroes and one RPG you guys should check out if you haven’t for the 360, which is Lost Odyssey, that game is one of the last turn based games that really brought out the best of the genre on a console system, now it’s cheaper to put RPGs on handhelds.

    Love you guys, hope to see more filler like this in the future =D

    • We’ll definitely have more filler episodes. We’ll also have more video game content in coming episodes. Our first version of the video games show didn’t go as intended, but bits and pieces of it are worth releasing, so you’ll hear a lot more of it tacked onto the ends of our Tooncast crossover episodes.

      The Tooncast episodes are pretty short, so we’re trying to beef them out as much as possible.

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