Episode 48: Justice League: The New Frontier

Justice League: New Frontier

Classic heroes done classically. Who'da thunk?

We continue with our Animation Aficionados/Tooncast Beyond crossover with this very special episode about a very special movie. It’s Justice League: The New Frontier! This movie has all the characters we love in their classic incarnations. However, bucking the usual trend, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all take a back seat here, because the real star of this movie is Barry Allen! No wait, it’s Hal Jordon. No, actually it’s Martian Manhunter.

Oh, I don’t even know anymore! Just watch the film. It’s pretty good.

As with last week, our version of the show has additional audio. In our extras, we discuss Thundercats, Bill Paxton Pinball, and Nintendo Wii. Plus, Ben tries to break Mike’s brain with the Animaniacs clown… and SUCCEEDS!

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