Family Guy – Back to the Pilot SUCKS!

I may do a quick podcast soon about this, but most likely not. I just saw the first 10 minutes of Family Guy’s latest abomination – Back to the Pilot. And then I stopped and the pain stopped too. Seth MacFarlane proves just how unfunny he is by living out the jokes he told in commentaries five years ago, mocking people who aren’t there to defend themselves, and overall being an ass. This story’s ‘plot’ is uninspired. It’s a commentary track to the Family Guy pilot. That’s it. It’s a commentary track. Said commentary track already exists on DVD. But now it’s an animated version of it.

Seth mocks the ‘bad artstyle’ the pilot had(it had more character and goofiness versus the sterile bullshit he does now). He mocks Lacey Chabert for leaving the role of Meg Griffin. When you remember Seth voices Stewie AND Brian, and they are the two pov characters watching the pilot again, you really do get the full scope of how asinine this whole episode is.

3 thoughts on “Family Guy – Back to the Pilot SUCKS!

  1. WWhhaaaaaaaattttt???? I thought the episode was hot. It wasn’t as laugh-out-loud funny as some older episodes, but still enjoyable. For me, I’ve been a fan since the beginning. So I get the inside jokes, and I can appreciate how nowadays Seth M. pokes fun at himself and the series from way back. It’s like they are owning all the criticism that the series receives. Seth did say recently, (I want to say it was Piers Morgan or something, don’t quote me) he would be ok with bringing Family Guy to an end. It looks like I am one of the few that still enjoy it.

    • Family Guy is a lot like Elvis. If Elvis had just died young, we’d have this clean-cut, talented man to look back on and remember. instead, what we remember about Elvis is the tired, washed-up, jumpsuit-wearing, drugged-up mess that he was in the late 70s. Likewise, if Family Guy had just died young, more of us would be able to look back on it fondly as this charming, rebellious show that fought its way into notoriety against Fox’s own inability to give it a time slot. But now Family Guy has become Fat Elvis. It’s become an embarrassment of its former self. I’m just waiting for the day that it finally goes to the toilet and doesn’t come back out.

      Actually, I told Ben just the other day that I bet the rest of the episode is just a bunch of jokes about why it’s bad to change the future. Ben was like, “What? That doesn’t make any sense!” I was like, “Dude, it’s Seth.”

      It turns out I was right. Now I’m just going to wait for him to read the episode synopsis and find out what that episode was REALLY about. It’s so much worse than just a commentary on the first episode.

      Ben’s rage to begin in 5… 4… 3… 2…

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