Episode 45: Movie Toons

Kylie Minogue oiled up and dressed as Cammy!  RRRRROOOWWWRRRR!!!

Thank you, Kylie! We love you! Thankfully, they never made Street Fighter The Animated Series - The Game.

JT from Saskatoon joins us again to talk about movies that got turned into cartoons. Sometimes you just can’t rake in enough with lunch boxes, coloring books, and flame throwers. You’ve got to throw in the obligatory cartoon adaptation. Cartoons based on films aren’t as common as they once were, but back in the 80s, you could scarcely make it through a Saturday morning without seeing at least one.

The REAL Ghostbusters
The Addams Family
Street Fighter
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures
Dumb And Dumber
Ace Ventura
The Mask
Back To The Future
Teen Wolf
The… Warrior King?!??!
…and MORE!

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf! Comin' out to play!

Warrior King in Street Fighter

A crossover connection between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter?! Yeah! Believe it or not, this guy made a very brief cameo in the Mortal Kombat cartoon, as you'll see in the very next image.

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Ace and Mask

Nothing is sacred.

4 thoughts on “Episode 45: Movie Toons

  1. I know I’m alone on this, but I love the Osmosis Jones movie. Chris rock did a decent job. Maybe no so much in the scenes were he needed to do reactions. Overall, I feel like it had some urban appeal with the dialogue and music. I give them credit for doing something original. For once in a 2d film, there weren’t any princesses, furry animals, or fairy tales. The animation was pretty tight too. I’m assuming it won’t change any opinions on it, but give it another watch. It has some valid problems though, I won’t argue that.

    • I won’t begrudge you for liking the film. It is very well animated, and it certainly is different. But I’ll kind of go over some of the reasons I wasn’t nearly as sucked in by this film.

      Now, I don’t dislike Chris Rock as much as Ben does, but I feel that this is one of these cases in animation where they cast for marquee value and then didn’t bother directing him. He did okay, but he seemed lost in some scenes. I mean, the guy has has a very narrow range as it is. He always has that jovial/sarcastic tone to his voice. The voice director probably could have gotten more out of him, but some directors seem to forget their jobs whenever they have a star in the booth.

      Every other voice-over artist was acting circles around him, especially David Hyde Pierce, who did an excellent job as Drix. I liked his very straight (no pun intended) white guy persona. He was a no-nonsense tight-ass. That was great. He was, by far, the best thing in that movie.

      I think where the movie misses a step is with the Bill Murray character. They went out of their way to make him a lazy, disgusting sloth, and that, I think, made him unable to relate to audiences. More often than not, he was oily, sweaty, smelly, dirty, and just foul. That made his antics unbearable.

      I think I was supposed to laugh when the zit exploded on Molly Shannon. I didn’t.

      And then you had the daughter character who spent the whole movie whining and preaching about how he needs to change his lifestyle. “Please get better, Daddy.” The whole thing was like getting a root canal. If I wanted to spend 90 minutes being lectured about unhealthy eating habits, I’d schedule a doctor’s appointment.

      I mean, change the topic of the movie from calories to drugs, swap Bugs & Daffy in place of Ozzy and Drix, and you’ll have Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue.

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