Episode 42: GI Joe

Ze Viper is Coming....

Today, we talk about some REAL AMERICAN HEROES with Thomas Revor and Eric(Eric slips out silently… is Eric a Ninja?).    80’s Patriotism, Consistent animation, hot chicks… this cartoon had it all!  Well, except for people hitting targets worth a darn, but it was the 80’s!

Topics Covered:
Jello fights
Punching a dog!
The Cobra Clutch
Five-Part Episodes
Whatever happened to Major Bludd?
A Cobra to the heart!(and you’re to blame!)
…And knowing is half the battle!

Before Team America, THIS was “America, FUCK YEAH!”

One thought on “Episode 42: GI Joe

  1. Ha, good stuff guys. Man I forgot how godlike that intro was, it made me feel proud to be American, kinda like when you listen to Captain America’s MvC 1 or 2 theme song or Guile’s for that matter. You know when I think about it, as a kid growing up G.I. Joe and WCW came hand in hand for me. I was that kid that would hold his breath when seeing character’s that I saw in real life become an action hero. So Slaughter and Hulk Hogan were some of my favorites. The “Cobra Claw” ha love it! Yet another guilty pleasure, but less guilty. Of course this was also when I believed WCW was real so you know. I’ll need to see these shows again to see what my adult mind thinks of it now, I bet I’ll be laughing my butt off more than a few times.

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