The Shirt of Awesome

This weekend was a rather lazy weekend, except for of course recording a new ep on Saturday.  The eps were rather awesome, so you guys are in for a great treat when they’re ready.  On the weekends, if I’m not going out to meet anyone or going on a date, I usually wear what I call a ‘house shirt’, one of several t-shirts I have.

This weekend, I wore a Halo ODST shirt I got when I was working at Gamestop Corporate(they had a table of merchandise that always had stuff we could just grab).  Heck, I don’t even have an XBox.  So I wore this shirt, went to a Chick-Fil-A and some random guy saw me and said “Whoa!  Awesome shirt!”.  I was never a frumpy dresser, and always got nice collared shirts for the week and clean, well-pressed slacks.  I’ve never had my clothes complimented before, much less by another guy.  I was like “Really?”  I mean, what was I SUPPOSED to say?

It seemed he wanted to continue a conversation about a game I never played, but luckily, his order was called so I was able to get my food and duck out.  Just another strange adventure in my neck of the woods.  New ep will be forthcoming!  Marvel fans should rejoice, this one’s special.

P.S… upon google searching, it appears the ODST shirt I have was a prototype that was never made.  Interesting….

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