Special – Local TV and Children’s Entertainment

Featured here: Mr. Peppermint, The Beautiful Day Monster, Mr. Rogers, BJ and the Dragon (Gigglesnort Hotel), Thomas the Tank Engine, Mr. Snuffaluffagus, Cooky the Clown, Bozo, Frazier Thomas, Ray Rayner, Chelvaston the Duck, and Svengoolie

Sadly, MOST of these people are dead.

Taking a break from our normal routine of talking about animation, we’re joined by Tom Revor to talk about local kids shows (and some shows that are technically¬†not appropriate for children) as well as some network and public access shows as well. Although, we never stray too far from the mark, because even Jim Henson got his start in local TV.

This episode was put together to honor the life of Mr. Peppermint, who died this past week. Ben was the most familiar with the show Peppermint Place. Later in the show, Tom and I kind of take over with our Chicago nonsense, and I barrage the show with sound clips from the WGN library. …Oopsie.

Mr. Peppermint
The Lone Ranger
Sesame Street
Mr. Rogers
Captain Kangaroo
Ray Rayner
Garfield Goose
The Gigglesnort Hotel
Thomas The Tank Engine
…and so much more.

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

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