Episode 40: Dungeons and Dragons

Most dishonest DVD cover ever.

Today's episode is about a CBS program based on a popular role-playing table-top game. Fortunately, this is not that program.

Why would we start a series of episodes about the Sunbow era with a show that had absolutely nothing to do with Sunbow? Because we like being thorough, and it’s just easier to throw a few unrelated shows that are worth talking about under a larger banner. …And because we’d rather talk about a good show than Charmkins.

Today, we’re joined by Pablo Praino once again to talk about the beloved Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series. Before Transformers. Before GI Joe. Before even Muppet Babies. This show excited kids back in the early 80s with awesome adventures, funny characters, and outstanding animation.

As a special bonus, we have a commentary of the first episode at the end of our show!

Topics discussed:
Panty shots
Eric is our hero.
Dungeon Master is an asshole.
Doors that are big enough for your dragon
Thieves and ninjas are too edgy for children, apparently.
The DVD for Mazes And Monsters is blatantly dishonest.
It’s a kooky movie anyway.
So is Jack Chick.

The Dungeons & Dragons ride!

...because you remember the Dungeons & Dragons roller coaster back in 1983, right? Of course you do. They were all over the place!

Eric the Cavalier

"You guys have got it all wrong! The real culprit is... RED HERRING!"


Hilariously out-of-context picture

Believe it or not, this is nothing compared to the real horror of the Dungeons & Dragons movie. There's a Wayans Brother in it!


Tragically, when the Thief upgrades, he BECOMES the Ninja. The poor guy just can't catch a break!

3 thoughts on “Episode 40: Dungeons and Dragons

  1. The first nitpick I have with the episode is that Dungeons and Dragons was a property of TSR Hobbies (not TRS), which, oddly enough, is now owned by Hasbro (through Wizards of the Coast). I do remember liking the Dungeons and Dragons animated show, which was about the time I started playing the game.

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