Episode 36: Harem Anime (Sexy Girls 3)

Love Hina

Obligatory harem anime/manga series, Love Hina.

Kittyhawk swoops in to talk about harem anime with us. Halfway through the show, Eric of Exiern joins the conversation. This show is all about girls, girls, girls! Long legs and burgundy lips!

Discussed on the show:
Ranma ½
Love Hina
To Love-Ru
Girls Bravo
No Bra
Change 123
Golden Boy
Ai Yori Aoshi
Archie (when Cheryl is in play)

Don't look at this picture too closely.  Bad things will happen.

It's a TRAP!

Also discussed:
Sucking breasts to get power
The optimal harem number
Harem girl tropes
When the main girl doesn’t win
The guy is always the same character
Harems versus threesomes
Big Love, The Bachelorette, and My Five Wives

Obligatory panty shot.

A page from Change 123

4 thoughts on “Episode 36: Harem Anime (Sexy Girls 3)

  1. I’m wondering where you found Kittyhawk’s current favorite manga story (couldn’t catch the name)? If it’s on the internet, I’d like to be able to read it.

  2. Haha, always a treat when Kittyhawk joins you guys. Actually she’s the reason why I found your site, I’m one of her SGVY readers. I thought of some harems that wasn’t mentioned and some that are questionable. Maburaho was one of my favorites (one where they all pretty much win =/), but magic with hot chicks are just fun to watch.
    Now the manga that I’m reading now, Sumomo!Momomo is quite an interesting Harem, not sure if you guys have heard of it, but it reminds me of Ranma with the martial arts being the norm. The main guy is a son of a martial artist, who is trying to make him marry a girl who specializes in the art of the dragon, to bring out the potential of both their martial arts through an heir. Later on more girls from other families show themselves as well. All the guy wants to do is be a prosecutor in law and despises everything that is solved through violence when it can be solved through the mind. It’s been a fun ride so far. Momo is a bit too loli for me but one or two of the other girls are nice.
    Seven of Seven isn’t really a harem, but with the main girl splitting into 7 people who all are crushing on the same guy, what would you call it? Lastly wouldn’t Harvest Moon be considered this type at one point too? Those parts in that game series were always hair pulling for me.

    • Oh by the way, if you guys wanna see a new Harem anime. Check out Demon King Daimao, the main guy is not a scrub much, quite the opposite, kinda refreshing actually. Haven’t finished yet, but it is very funny without of doubt.

  3. Does “Steins Gate” count as a harem anime? Certainly the M/F ratio is right, but there is only a bit of romance and basically zero competition.

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