Episode 35: Harry Partridge

A kinder, gentler animator with one of his beloved characters...

Harry Partridge the world (in)famous internet animator joins us for a very special interview!  We were planning this interview for over half a year and it finally happens!  Neil and I were VERY excited and we’ll do our best to not fill this post with Harry’s video, all available on his youtube channel.  We learn why non-tweened Flash animation just LOOKS better, some of Harry’s favorite cartoons growing up, and much more!

Show Topics:
The Miley Cyrus show
Imitating Filmation(lovingly?)
Stephen the Lesbian
How easy it is to sound American
26 episodes of Nicholas Cage wanting CAKE!
Christian Weston Chandler!(yeah, we’re sorry about that….)

4 thoughts on “Episode 35: Harry Partridge

  1. Boy this was a treat, I remember when you guys mentioned Harry and Egoraptor when it came to flash animation in an earlier episode, but I didn’t think you’d get around to it. That was very informative. Never heard of this Chris-chan before, but I looked it up. There is alot of info on him, I’m not sure where to start really heheh Also I’m very glad to hear you guys are keeping up with the new Thundercats. I was going to ask if you were keeping up with it or not. I really thought the plant people episode was very bizarre, glad you said Miyazaki because I had the slow kooing Land Before Time song going through my head when I saw it. It’s exciting to have the urge to go home to watch a show for a change, of course I could just buy the ep on Xbox live if I missed anything, but yeah it’s growing on me =)

  2. Here is some of the Nick Cage stuff that you guys were talking about…incl “I’m a vampire….and the alphabest recital 😛 ”

  3. Was good to hear Harry set the record straight about his views on GoAnimate even though most of his youtube audience never really understood his motivation for bashing the site.

    Gotta admit I had to look up Chris too. You might want to consider explaining things like that to your audience in future shows so your guest isn’t pointing out that half the listeners probably have no idea who the last ten minutes was about.

    Good interview overall though.

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