Episode 30 – Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited

A hell of a lot more heroes

We’re joined once again by The Film Pigs to talk about Justice League Unlimited. To get the fullest experience from this episode, I highly recommend that you listen to Episode 26: Justice League before you listen to this particular episode, as many elements from the prior show are referenced here.

Justice League Unlimited is the direct follow-up to Justice League with a much more robust cast of heroes. We’ll talk about what we like about it and where we feel that Bruce Timm (after nearly ten years of DCAU) may have finally shown some fatigue. …but only a little. Justice League Unlimited still kicks a lot of ass!

Note: Some audio distortion occurs approximately a half hour into the show. We’ve done our best to eliminate the most problematic audio, and it should not disrupt your enjoyment of the show too much. The issue persists only sporadically and is eliminated completely after fifteen minutes.

In this episode, we talk about:
Government Conspiracies
The Crap Embargo
3D moving-going
32 Flavors
Losing bars
Brainiac wants pants!


Galatea - Not quite Power Girl

Yeah... I just put this picture up, because I could. Don't judge.

2 thoughts on “Episode 30 – Justice League Unlimited

  1. Aww, I’m kinda bummed Ben didn’t like Avengers. I started watching it on Netflix 2 days ago and am kinda hooked right now. It can be full of cheese, and I can see plot smashing is going to the biggest problem. At the moment there are 3 plots up in there air, which is kinda unerving. I’m hoping they’ll have a break episode so I can just enjoy, but from how Ben sounds this might be far and far between. When the action is up however, it has some very sweet animation, that battle with Graviton was sweet. But not really holding a candle to Justice League. Do more research Marvel, you’ll get there soon…I hope.

  2. The animation is actually ass. It truly is ass. Lotto animation is a no-name animation studio with a shit list of credits, Avengers included.

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