Episode 29 – The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

A boy and his giant robot

The day has finally arrived. We talk about the greatest animated film that nobody ever saw and the greatest Jennifer Aniston/Vin Diesel movie ever made. It’s The Iron Giant! Joining our host Ben and myself is Pablo, and we were all gracious to be in the presence of none other than Ben Heckendorn, creator of the Atari Portable, Bill Paxton Pinball, and Possomus Woman!

We all agree that The Iron Giant will take even the most hardened heart and turn it into a sopping puddle of goo. This the touching story of a boy, his single mother, and the giant robot from outer space who learned what it means to be alive.

Ben Heck!

Ben Heckendorn, himself!

In this episode, we discuss:
Cold war paranoia
Having a cool name gets you movie parts
How to do CG animation the right way
Brad Bird – Animation hero
We thank Quest For Camelot for sucking

Also, you don’t invite Ben Heck on your show and not ask him cool stuff! In this episode, we have, for the first time ever, a special “lights out” segment is instituted, with some segments taken from out-takes of the show. The conversation went on for so long, we didn’t even put it all on this episode! So stay tuned later this week for a special supplementary episode in which we chat with Ben. And yes, we talk about POSSUMUS WOMAN!

Iron Giant Screen Shot

Cool lighting and coloring play a role throughout the movie

Iron Giant Screen Shot

How's that for scale?

Iron Giant Screen Shot

This scene will rip your heart to pieces

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