Episode 26 – Justice League

Justice League

Justice League

We’re joined this week by The Film Pigs to discuss Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. That’s right. Calamity struck before we could complete our topic, and thus only one show was covered in depth.

Shockingly, we covered quite a bit of ground on this digression-filled train wreck of an episode. And it all comes screeching to a halt when one us doesn’t make it to the end!

Topics covered:
Getting your hand eaten off by piranhas
Dong Yang is a workhorse
The big three and the lesser four
Screaming Hulk and The Banners
Clutch Cargo and Max Headroom
Rodimus Prime: Garbage truck or Winnebago?
Doing a pilot with Tim Daley
Being a terrible father
Jumping into a superhero series without a parachute
A shocking new twist on the endings of Lost and Battlestar Galactica!
Never shock a flat line

We’d like to thank our guests, The Film Pigs, for appearing on our show and being good sports about how it ended. We all had a good laugh, and we hope you have one, too.

The Film Pigs

From Left to Right: Todd Anderson, Stephen Falk, and Stephen Skelton. Falk couldn't make it due to having a real job.

Also, come check out our second appearance on This Week in Geek, where we tease Mike Blanchard about Rodimus Prime.

From our Dr. Who discussion at the top of the show

One thought on “Episode 26 – Justice League

  1. As a big fan of Justice League and the Timm-verse, I enjoyed the discussion and enthusiasm. It’s nice to hear the way Ben and Meil can track the different companies the animation was outsourced to. However, I’m not sure were Ben got the idea that everyone on LOST died on the plane?!? Or that the island was Purgatory? Those were certainly theories before the end but proved untrue by the series finale and debunked by the show’s creators.

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