Episode 19 – Muppet Babies


The stuff of horrors.

We’re down in the basement, putting on a show. We’re joined this week by Stephenie O’Donnell, Aisaku, and Pablo Praino. We talk about the first and only good kid-ified cartoon ever made, Muppet Babies, by the only man who could ever pull off such a show, Jim Henson.


We talk about why the show worked. We talk about how it influenced other shows. We even talk about that one segment that everyone forgot about.

Topics discussed:
Muppet orphans.
Headless Nanny.
TARDIS is the nursery.
Scientology propaganda.
Breaking up the Muppet sausage fest.
Bean Bunny, Robin, and Janice show up.
Baby Fonzie jumps the shark.
The dark side of Frank Welker.
That piece of trivia that everybody knows.
Neil drops a bit of season 2 trivia that nobody remembers.
Shemp is better than Curly, and lots of other digressions.
And it all takes place in an autistic kid’s brain.

Muppet Babies Live!

Giant Muppet Babies on stage!

Yeah! That's the TICKET!

Check the date. Stephenie went to see Muppet Babies Live two weeks before Jim Henson's death.

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