Episode 17 – Sexy Girls Part Deux!

Naga The Serpent


This week, we’re joined by Gisèle Lagacé and Kittyhawk for our second Sexy Girls show! Continuing from our Archie discussion, we move into the topic proper. We start out with the girls we forgot from last time and then spend a long time talking about the girls of anime and video games. Both western and eastern animation are covered.

Be sure to also check out our Sexy Girls part 1 and the supplementary Archie Aficionados, as well as many other fantastic episodes!

Girls we talked about:
Naga The Serpent
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Princess Daphne
The Puma Twins
Rachel from Ninja Gaiden
More fighting chicks
The girls of Oh! Great

April O'Neil

Our favorite redhead in a yellow jumpsuit!

Other topics:
Girls in glasses
More traps
The origin of cheesecake
How to get a song out of your head
The possibility of Sexy Girls part 3!
One-Winged Angel Sephiroth versus… Barack Obama?!!?!

Did we miss anything?
use the Suggest A Show tab to let us know what girls you’d like us to talk about in the future! Kittyhawk promises to return if we get enough!!!

The Dark Goddess Scene from Lunar The Silver Star

4 thoughts on “Episode 17 – Sexy Girls Part Deux!

      • I seriously have my doubts about that, and I think you can actually hear the incredulity in my voice on this episode, or maybe even in another episode. I know Ben has repeated this at least a couple of times.

        I’m almost certain that I’ve heard both “cheesecake” and the male alternate “beefcake” used in media way before the Dirty Pair cartoon, not to mention the variant “tart”.

        Fans who can find uses of the word “cheesecake” in media that predates the 80s are encouraged to send them to Ben’s mailbox.

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