Episode 10 – Sexy Girls

The Girls of BleachWe’re joined this week by Kittyhawk to talk about sexy girls in animation and beyond! A discussion about the ways and hows of creating a great female sex symbol rapidly derails into vapid drooling. Definitely not for prudes.

It's a TRAP!Also, beware of traps!

They’ll trap ya.

I give a shout out at the end of the show to Noelle Dreves of Dangermoth, a webcomic with delicious cheesecake.

5 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Sexy Girls

  1. Western Artist, fred perry gold digger. What do yall think of his art?

    Also, would you consider Haruka Tenoh from Sailor Moon Sexy at all?
    And B-Ko forever!

    (sorry for the random comments and questions, im listening to the pod cast and just writing down my questions)

    • Actually, Kittyhawk loves Haruka. She and Ben talked about the tomboy look when I had stepped away. Haruka gets the thumbs-up.

      By the way, you also get a gold star for that endorsement of B-Ko. I didn’t get a chance to say it myself on the show, but B-Ko owns that anime with that skimpy mech suit. Akagiyama Missiles!!!!

      And yes, I can’t believe nobody brought up Gold Digger. All sorts of nice designs in that book.

  2. One of my favorite animators from the 90’s is Johji Manabe mostly Outlanders and Dragon Princess Warrior. The strong woman heroin isn’t done much in Japanese much anymore. At the present I’m liking the Ginax characters as of late. Also Studio Gonzo as well.

  3. so this was just a listing of sexy characters with little explanation, i thought i’d get more titilation

    is the woman a lesbo? she sounds it
    step it up guys~!
    it was my first listen so i’ll head to ep 13 (blade runner series) and see what i think

    • This is a really early episode, so we sound a bit low-key.

      About Kittyhawk… No, she’s married.

      I don’t think it would ever be fair to categorize Kittyhawk’s sexuality. She marches to her own drum. Kittyhawk is just Kittyhawk, and it’s as simple as that.

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