Episode 6 – Spider-Man Unlimited

In this series, Spider-Man creates a new suit that looks nothing like Spider-Man and travels to Counter Earth, where he meets villains that have nothing do with anything that Spider-Man fans want to see.  Except for Carnage and Venom.  …oh wait.

Also, Spider-Man can apparently scale a launch tower faster than a shuttle can take off.  He also announces that he’s taking his pal Peter Parker along, so that nobody on Earth would become suspicious of Parker’s sudden disappearance.

Oh, and Peter’s hair totally looks like Fighter from Final Fantasy.

One thought on “Episode 6 – Spider-Man Unlimited

  1. For all of Marvels faults in the animation/idea department this certainly was a twisted one. I tried to stick around for it, but it was hard. On a side note, Marvel and Activision have gotten very good with Spiderman in the gaming department. I absolutely cannot wait for Spiderman Edge of Time. 2099 and Amazing Spiderman working together, that’ll be a ride to remember. Maybe with enough attention Miguel might get some well deserved live light.

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