Episode 153: The Simpsons Meet Family Guy

Simpsons Meet Family Guy

Simpsons Meet Family Guy

You knew we had to talk about this. Joining us is Kittyhawk. This was recorded shortly after watching the 5-minute teaser for the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover. We were kinda hard on it, but then again, Ben and I aren’t big Family Guy fans.

After the show, Ben and I sit down and talk about things we’ve seen. He saw the new TMNT movie. I saw some whiny Robotech fan crying about Happy Console Gamer. We discuss both.

Below are some videos of content discussed in the show:

Episode 152: Homestar Runner

The Homestar Runner Cast

The Homestar Runner Cast

This week, we talk about the Homestar Runner! Joining us is Kittyhawk of SGVY.com! We talk about kicking the Cheat and dropping heavy lourdes on Homsar.

We also discuss other early internet phenomena, such as Camp Chaos, the Fic Bitches, Cat Man, Regurge, Twisted Wire, Odd Todd, and other weird things we used to look up on the internet ten or more years ago.

Visit homestarrunner.com!

Episode 151: The REAL Ghostbusters (…and a long distance dedication to Casey Kasem)



Hey, it’s been a while!

Today’s episode of Animation Aficionados is a dual treat. First, we have a special dedication to Casey Kasem, which, fortunately for us, will not be coming off of an up-tempo record.

Then strap on your particle accelerators, because Kittyhawk and Red Ink join us for some Ghostbusters.

The REAL Ghostbusters!

Episode 150: Food Fight!

fuck this movie

Lies. All lies.

Wow. Just…wow.

Folks, I am depressed. Here it is, episode 150, and we watched a movie so foul that it pushes both Robin & Dreamweavers and Eight Crazy Nights off the tip top of my top movie shit list and claims the number one spot. Holy shit, folks. It’s Food Fight!. And no, that exclamation point doesn’t mean I’m excited. That’s actually part of the title.

Words just cannot describe my disappoint. What a way to celebrate our sesquicentennial podcast.

Joining us this week is the constantly awesome Kittyhawk, who radiated sunshine to pierce the dark cloud cast by this movie.

Extra reading: “The Long Strange Odyssey of Foodfight

Here is the original trailer for the film:

Not great, but it’s passable.

Now here’s what it ultimately ended up looking like:

And here’s the only Food Fight that will ever be near and dear to my heart:

Dear Viz! We Want Toonmakers Sailor Moon!

So, Viz put out a trailer announcing the entire Sailor Moon series, uncut, newly dubbed, and on Blu Ray. It’ll also be on Hulu.

Some people are upset that the original dub won’t be re-released. I’m okay with it. The original dub was kind of a mess and went out of its way to censor things. The only thing I’ll really miss is Molly’s Brooklyn accent. Meanwhile, everyone else will be celebrating Zoicite’s sex change back into a man and the lesbian Sailor Scouts Senshi. No more cousins!

But if I may, there’s one demand I’d like to make, and I hope Viz can comply. I want that Toonmakers pilot of the American Sailor Moon. You remember the one, right? The one with the girl in the wheel chair and the horrible, horrible 90s animation.

This one:

C’mon, Viz! Make it happen!

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